27th Congress of the European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery


The European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery exists to enhance, through various means, OMFS standards of training and practice.

It sets out training standards and guidelines for Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (also named Maxillo-Facial Surgery / Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgery) In order to achieve this goal, the European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery is composed of national delegates who represent academic and non-academic professional educational bodies. In this respect, these delegates are nominated by national professional and Scientific Oro-Maxillo-Facial Associations.

One of the means to this end is the EBOMFS Assessment, which confers the title of “Fellow of the EBOMFS, head and neck surgery”. The EBOMFS RQ (Recognition of Qualification) Assessment is organized biannually since 1996. It is conducted simultaneously with the Congress of the EACMFS (European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery). Almost 700 candidates from European countries have taken part.

The previous assessments were conducted in 1996 Zürich, 1998 Helsinki, 2000 Edinburgh, 2002 Münster, 2004 Tours, 2006 Barcelona, 2008 Bologna, 2010 Bruges, 2012 Dubrovnik, 2014 Prague, 2016 London, 2018 Munich, 2021 Madrid, 2022 Madrid.

The scope of the Assessment has been defined by EBOMFS in the European Guidelines for Specialty Training in Oral & Maxillo–Facial Surgery. The scope includes history–taking, prevention, examination, treatment and rehabilitation of congenital and acquired pathologic conditions of the cranium, face, mouth, jaws and neck. Acquired conditions can result from disease, malformation, tumour, trauma, degeneration and ageing.

For more information please visit www.ebomfs.eu

The EBOMFS RQ Assessment will be held in Rome, 13.–15. September 2024.

The venue will be Sapienza Università di Roma – Roma, Italy

Deadline for application will be June 5th, 2024

EBOMFS wishes to encourage doctors participating in EBOMFS assessment to participate also in EACMFS XXVII CONGRESS, 17.–20. September 2024, Rome, Italy.